Our Firm

Michael Gomes Associates Inc.

MGA Inc. was formed by the company's managing director and principal designer Michael Gomes. We undertake a limited amount of projects every year, which allows us to provide personalised service to all of our clients and their projects. 

We bring to the table an emphasis on strong design along with detailed oversight of each project that we undertake. We believe that every project is unique and as such, we are truly a custom design firm that produces designs that are specific to our Client's individual requirements, the site conditions and the purpose for which it is intended. Our attention to detail ensures that our projects are executed to a high standard from beginning to completion and are delivered as intended within budget and on time.

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Michael Gomes

Michael Gomes is the principal and lead designer at Michael Gomes Associates Inc. which has over the years earned a reputation for projects finished to a high standard. In practice since 1995, Michael has gained a wealth of experience in renovations and new build construction projects. Over the years  he has carved out a niche specialising in the design and project management of luxury holiday villas, restaurants, bars & lounges and multi residential projects throughout Barbados.

Our Team

At MGA Inc our team of experienced technicians and designers work in an open plan studio environment, promoting open critique during both the design development and detailing stages of our projects. Depending on specific project demands, we have the ability to increase our production resources as well as our scope of services to meet specific project demands.


Our Clients

Our goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients, by providing them with recommendations and design solutions that bring to life their vision. We recognise that being commissioned to undertake a project, regardless of type or size, is a privilege extended to us by our clients and we are always honoured when selected. With the successful completion of each of our projects we regularly learn something new, whether it be through the process of the actual works or through our relationships with our clients. This allows us to constantly evolve and positively contribute to the built environment by way of well designed projects, that integrate current technologies and environmentally sustainable design solutions.

Our Design Philosophy

Our design approach is rooted in achieving the perfect marriage of functionality and good aesthetic design. This ultimately translates into well planned and detailed spaces, that seamlessly interconnect to fulfil our client's functional and aesthetic requirements. Just as importantly, we believe that good design is site specific and should also provide a sensory experience by way of the appropriate use of architectural detail, good spacial proportions and the visual interconnection of spaces.

Our Approach To Environmentally Sustainable Design

Creating architecture that is design and detail responsive to our climate and the site that it occupies is an integral part of the design development process at MGA.

The incorporation of architectural elements that provide natural ventilation, wind/rain regulation and sun shading, along with our understanding of how to maximise cross ventilation by way of proper internal space planning is standard in all of our designs.

Photovoltaic systems, solar hot water systems, LED technologies, energy efficient equipment and Building Management Systems are often integrated, or at least as much as possible, into all of our projects. Additionally, rainwater harvesting, water conservation, and the use of landscaping to provide natural shading, along with our attention to the use of "sustainable" materials that are environmentally friendly and appropriate for use in our climate, are all aspects of our design philosophy at MGA.